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What's new?
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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hops and America

Every week I'm asked by American readers when Hops and Glory might be available over there. We've not had much luck.

Next week I'd be over there at the Great American Beer Festival if it wasn't for the gigs listed below. But beer hero Glenn Payne has very kindly offered to haul some books and promo material across the pond and give them to anyone who may be in a position to engineer a North American publication.

This is Glenn, although he now sports a fetching beard (beards are the future):

Most people in the American craft brew scene already know him thanks to his tireless efforts to promote US craft beer in the UK. If you see him, say hello. And if you know anyone you think he should speak to, please let him know!



Crown Brewer Stu said...

mmmmmm beards

Steve said...

Hey! We want a copy of your book at our little English style brewery. Send it our way at 901 N. Delaware Philadelphia, PA 19123. C/O Yards Brewing Co.

Velky Al said...

Just go to and get it from Canada!

Pete said...

No Al. That's not right at all. You definitely should not do that. Because if I get a North American publishing deal I get a lot more money and may even recoup what the nook cost me to write! :-)

Pete said...

Or were you replying to Steve? Steve, I wouldn't mind, but you didn't even say please.

ReDave said...

If Amazon Canada has your book, seems like a natural that just south usa would/could get it?
or is it just never that easy....

Alistair said...

I was replying to Steve, sorry for the confusion. Obviously I would want you to get a North American publishing deal, and then when you have to do a US promotional tour perhaps you could come to the Starr Hill Brewery while I am working there and do some readings whilst supping on the IPA the brewery makes, which is rather nice!

ATJ said...

Pete what’s a nook, any relation to cranny?

Alan said...


Canada is its own country with its own copyright law and publishing houses and all that stuff. The Empire, don't you know...


The upside of living on the north side of the border out my window is that going to a US bookstore is, due to the huge difference in shelf stock, like going to a store selling books in another language. But wound't Pete get the same money via an as opposed to an sale?

A Good Beer Blog

ReDave said...

how many people go to
what's that?

StringersBeer said...

Err, what's your agent doing?

Steve said...

My mistake Pete. Please could you send us a copy of your book? I will gladly exchange a few pints of our beer for a copy of your book. Of course, that would depend on you getting to the states for a couple of pints. Either way, we would greatly appreciate it as it has been endorsed by Mr. Joe Sixpack himself. Pretty please, with Belgian candi sugar on top?