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What's new?
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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Books and that

It was a proud day for me yesterday when I found out these had arrived in the warehouse:

The paperback release of Hops and Glory is joined by re-releases of the other too, both with new covers from Neil Gower, the wonderful artist who broke the mould with the Hops and Glory design last year.

As far as text goes, H&G and Three Sheets are unaltered, but Man Walks into a Pub has been extensively rewritten and updated.  I'll talk more about that in a few weeks - they're officially released on June 4th.

But anyone living in the North West who wants a copy can be the very first people to get their hands on one!  I'm doing an event at the Southport Food and Drink Festival this Saturday.  Scarisbrick Hotel, Southport, 2pm, I'll be doing a group tasting of some of the beers from the festival, and trying out a new talk about beer and my adventures through it, drawing from all three books.  I'll be announcing more festival dates throughout the summer once I've got this talk right, but I will have the new books to sell as a special sneak preview.

In other literary news, fans of The Beer Widow may have noticed that she's been a bit quiet of late.  That's because she's organising the first ever Stoke Newington Literary Festival, June 4th-6th, bringing the stars of the literary firmament to our corner of North East London (actually, a lot of them already live here, hence the idea for the event.  

I'm doing two events, each of which will be a little different for me:

Saturday, 2pm: "Eat Your Words": Niki Segnit, Pete Brown, Alex Rushmer and Ian Kelly
The White Hart

There are only a handful of words that really describe taste and flavour, but collectively we have a seemingly limitless appetite for reading and writing about food and drink.  The author of The Flavour Thesaurus, Britain’s leading beer writer, a Masterchef finalist and the biographer of Anton Careme, the world’s first celebrity chef, discuss their struggle to pin flavour to the page.

Sunday, 3pm: "What’s so great about the Great British Pub?" Pete Brown, Paul Ewen and Tim Bradford
The White Hart
£4 (with free beer)

Beer Writer of the Year Pete Brown hosts an event in his local, The White Hart, getting the beers in and talking to one-man ‘Campaign for Surreal Ale’ Paul Ewen, and local writer and chronicler of small town England Tim Bradford, about what makes the pub such a unique and enduring cornerstone of British culture.  

Very excited about these - My mate Niki has written something that will be essential for anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to move beyond just following recipes, it'll be cool to meet 'Food Blogger Alex' from this year's Masterchef, and Ian's biographies look interesting.  The following day I'm fascinated to see what Paul Ewen is really like after enjoying his book a while back (I reviewed it here) and you've got to fall in love with Tim Bradford when you read the Amazon review he got from his mum!  Tickets should be available any second now from here, but in the meantime can be booked by phone (details on the festival website) or bought from the Stoke Newington Bookshop.  

We all take our place well down the running order behind people like Shappi Khorsandi, Phill Jupitus, Danny Kelly, John Hegley, Jeremy Hardy, AC Grayling, Stewart Lee and the legendary Tony Benn.  Come and make a weekend of it!  It promises to be fantastic.  

Check out the festival website for more details on the bill and how to book tickets, and follow @StokeyLitFest on Twitter and on Facebook for up to date news about the line up etc.  Liz has never organised anything like this before and the literary community is amazed at the quality of the line-up she's managed to pull together for the first year.  But she's having sleepless nights about the whole thing, so please buy tickets for stuff!


The Pub Diaries said...

Stewart Lee, Tony Benn and Britains Top Beer Writer... I feel faint.... Nurse!

DJ said...

I read a library copy of Man walks into a pub which I thoroughly enjoyed I woulld like a re-read especially if there is some new stuff so I have put my reservation in with Amazon,this ones definitely a keeper.

Pete Brown said...

Thanks DJ!

I'd be careful with Amazon though that you don't accidentally order a copy of the old one - wait till 4th June or until they start showing the new cover and make it clear that it's the second edition they're stocking.

Stephen Beaumont said...

Congratulations, Pete. The new covers look great!

DJ said...

Thanks for the advice Pete. I checked and it does say second edition release date 4th June but it has the old cover in the picture and estimated date of despatch the 17th of May! So I have cancelled it for now and wait till I am sure it's the right one.

Cooking Lager said...

Lickable pages, is how you pin flavour to a page. You will probably need a sodium base to transport the flavour compound, but this coating the page will give it the required flavour.

Rudgie73 said...

Looks awesome sir!Will the re-issues be available internationally?

SteveF said...

Pete, which book do you recommend reading first?

Pete Brown said...

Steve F, I'd read them in the order I wrote them: MWIAP, Three Sheets, H&G - my view is that my writing gets better as I go along, tho many people still prefer MWIAp to the others.

Rudgie - they should definitely be available in Canada! UK and Commonwealth seems to be the way of things.

BLTP said...

The new covers are excellent well done to Neil Gower good work all round.

Rabidbarfly said...

Is it me Pete, or have you just been 'branded'? They look great!

Mark, said...

Illustration and designs are great Pete. The new Three Sheets cover could easily have been the cover for Hops & Glory.

lizvater said...

Here's the link to your tickets...


lizvater said...

And the food one..

vern said...

Love your blog and books Mr.PBBB, but I do hope The Beer Widow returns soon...she's freakin' hilarious!

Melissa Cole said...

They look great Pete, and isn't the Scarisbrook a little gem, wish I'd seen this earlier I would have despatched Ben's nan to heckle you!! : )