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What's new?
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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

October Wikio Rankings

Gosh, it's that time of the month again, when beer bloggers get grouchy and irritable for a few days and I'll just draw that analogy to a close before it gets going.

Here are the rankings for the month of September: Beer & Wine Ranking - October 2010
1Pete Brown's Blog (=)
2Pencil & Spoon (=)
3Brew Dog Blog (=)
4The Pub Curmudgeon (=)
5Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog (+3)
6Are You Tasting the Pith? (+1)
7Tandleman's Beer Blog (-1)
8Beer Reviews (+1)
9Called to the bar (-4)
10Zythophile (+1)
11Boak and Bailey's Beer Blog (+1)
12Brew Wales (+3)
13The Beer Nut (-3)
14Thornbridge Brewers' Blog (+5)
15Spittoon (-2)
16I might have a glass of beer (Ent.)
17Reluctant Scooper (-1)
18Beer. Birra. Bier. (-4)
19"It's just the beer talking" – Jeff Pickthall's Blog (+2)
20Travels With Beer (-3)
Ranking made by

No change up at the top then.  But look what's happening overall: with the honourable exception of Spittoon (which to be fair looks like a very well put together blog about wine and food) the rest of the top 20 are now all beer blogs.

So momentous is this, Wikio has even started calling it the 'beer and wine' listing rather than 'wine and beer'.

I wrote a section in the Cask Report about how the online beer community is actually helping drive the growth of craft brewing in the UK, spreading enthusiasm and knowledge, giving brewers a platform to showcase their beers.  With my marketing hat on, when you look at the twiss ups, meet the brewer events, V-blogs, promotions, beer swaps etc that are happening now, I think we're seeing a new marketing model emerge, where consumers and manufacturers work together to promote the category.  Sure we can be inwards looking and cliquey at times, as any community can, but please, keep it up - this is brilliant.

And do let me know if you'd like to feature the exclusive rankings on your blog at any time.


Healthy scepticism! said...

Hmmm, or does it just mean that beer blogging is entirely insular, and you all just link to each other constantly, driving a select group up the rankings? Remember these rankings have nothing to do with actual readership...

Cooking Lager said...

All good stuff Pete, but can this league table show points & goal difference? We need to know how close it runs.

Oh and if we support teams, you have the top team but supporting team "Brown" would be glory hunting. I think I need a "team Avery" T-Shirt.

Curmudgeon said...

Why isn't Cooking Lager on there? Surely someone should nominate him even if won't himself?

Sid Boggle said...

It's a conspiracy, Mudgie. Can't have lout at number 1... ;-)

Beer Sagas said...

Agreed! Cooking Lager must be on this list. It is an entertaining read every time.

Barm said...

It took Wikio nearly 18 months to notice my blog, so perhaps Cookie's will also appear in the fullness of time.

Martyn Cornell said...

Healthy scepticism! - the one wine blog in that top 20 has an Alexa rating (based on hits) far better than any of the UK beer blogs, suggesting a readership two to three times, at least, the number Alexa's top-ranked beer blogger gets. Interpret that how ye will.