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What's new?
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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pete's Pub Etiquette - number two in a (very) occasional series

Bar staff - if, when serving me a pint, you get so much beer running down the side of the glass that you have to go and wash your hands immediately after presenting to me, how about rinsing or wiping the fucking glass so I don't get my hands all wet and sticky too?

It's called showing respect for your customer and respect for your product, and if you start doing that people might actually continue to use your pub!


Velky Al said...

Could this be a side issue on the whole "take it to the top" thing? I want head on my beer so there is no need to slop it all over the place.

Jeff said...

Velky Al, got it in one. Frankly if you're busy you can't stop to wipe every glass down if it's overflowed a little. With a lively ale or indeed any lager, that happens a lot to even the best of bar staff. Yet Pete is right: why should one suffer a sticky hand for daring to order a beer? The answer is obvious, to me at least: just drink wine. There's no head and it's served in oversized, lined glasses anyway. That way, the consumer gets exactly what they pay for. Presumably that will keep CAMRA happy.

Laurent Mousson said...

Simple : Train the bar staff so they think of tilting the glass a few degrees away from the palm of their hand whenever they have to overflow a bit.
Sonds evident, but I've rarely ever seen anyone behind a bar in the UK do it.

That way, only a narrow strip on the outside of the glass will be covered in beer, the bar staff won't have to wash their hands since they won't get any beer on them, and chances are, since they did not make a complete mess of it, they end up thinking about using a bit of wet rag to wipe clean the outside of the glass...

RealAleBlog said...

Oversize glasses and none of this beer with a head nonsense. Sorted!