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What's new?
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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hair of the Dog

Good afternoon, and we're blogging LIVE from the White Horse in Parson's Green, where a momentous event is taking place.

Last month, I helped brew a beer up at Kelham Island in Sheffield. It's a 6% IPA that had a final sparge of hops at the end of the brew. As is always the case, there was the difficult question of what to name the beer. This was resolved when Crown Brewer Stu's wife, Cat - who works at Kelham Island - contacted the beer widow and suggested the beer be named after out dog, Captain.

And so, a beer was born:

In the photo on the pump clip, the little fella is lying on our rug chewing away at a dried bull's penis. he loves a bit of dried bull's penis, does Captain. But he does look like he's smoking a cigar - entirely befitting of the successful dog about town with a beer named after him.

So, today Captain IPA went on the bar at the White Horse, and Captain wanted to come down and check it out. Here is is on the bar, next to his beer:

He's not that interested in trying the beer, which is a shame - that hop sparge hasn't necessarily given it a stronger hop flavour, but it's given it a much more rounded hop flavour - the usual citrus and resin is fleshed out with a much sweeter, fuller hop character that blends perfectly into the malt. It's a winner!

Captain has also been sighted at this weekend's Kelham Island Beer Festival and at various pubs around the country, including some Wetherspoons. There are two nines of it down here at the White Horse - not sure how much of it we'll get through this afternoon but please do try and check it out! It'll make Captain's afternoon.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Sounds delicious.
The beer I mean, not the dried bulls penis.

Anonymous said...

Captain bears an uncanny resemblance his owner.

Mario (Brewed for Thought) said...

Moe draws back and offers him a real new brand: "Red Tick Beer."

Homer: Hmm... Bold, refreshing, and something I can't quite put my finger on.

[at the Red Tick Beer brewery, dogs are swimming in the tank]

Man: [takes a sip] Hmm... Needs more dog.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Brings back fond memories of the Fool Monty, which I brewed with Moor in the late 1990s, with a pic of our much loved boxer Monty (after Uncle Monty) on the pump clip, sadly the only time I had a chance to try it was at a Taunton beer fest and it hadn’t settled so that was that, like Captain’s ale it was an IPA and even though Monty died in 2003 I’ve still got the pump clip somewhere.

Tandleman said...

Never work with children or animals.

al_uk said...

Good to see my photo on yet another blog without any credit!!! I wish I'd known it would be popular...I'd have copyrighted it!!!
Good to see you on Thursday.

Eddie86 said...

I hope you've got his permission to use his image...

Rob Nicholson said...

Don't they say that about dogs and their owners?

BLTP said...

It was a nice drop of ale and on spring afternoon the Whitehorse isn't a bad place to spend your time!
Don't Worry AL-UK he nicked my "hair of the dog" pun too!

The Beer Justice said...

I enjoyed the beer at the Hillsborough last weekend. Thought the pumpclip was a pretty good likeness. Steve