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What's new?
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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Who's the Christmas number one?

Ah, that's better! - December Beer and Wine Ranking
1Pete Brown's Blog (+3)
2Brew Dog Blog (+1)
3Pencil & Spoon (-1)
4Boggle About Beer (-3)
5Zythophile (=)
6The Pub Curmudgeon (+2)
7Tandleman's Beer Blog (-1)
8Are You Tasting the Pith? (+3)
9Beer Reviews (-2)
10Thornbridge Brewers' Blog (+5)
11The Wine Conversation (+7)
12Rabid About Beer (+2)
13Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog (-1)
14Called to the bar (-5)
15Spittoon (+4)
16"It's just the beer talking" – Jeff Pickthall's Blog (+19)
17The Beer Nut (-4)
18Master Brewer at Adnams (-8)
19I might have a glass of beer (+3)
20Beer. Birra. Bier. (+1)
Ranking made by

Boggle's Sidebottom Crusade keeps him in the top five, and it really is quite a good blog aside from that. Nice chap too.  Cooking Lager's Jonah-like aura continues to wreak its harm though.  Since he defected from Team Avery to form Team Boggle, Zak has recovered and gone back up three places - mirroring precisely the fall suffered by Cookie's new cause.  The blogosphere's reaction to Kelly Ryan's return  home sees Thornbridge's blog rise five to break into the Top Ten.  And Jeff Pickthall stages a stunning recovery based on a mere three posts, covering beer judging and busting a potent myth.

Full updated rankings will go live on Wikio on Sunday 5th December.

So, Christmas number one - does that make me the Cliff Richard or the X-Factor winner of the beer blogosphere?  Well now you're here, why not watch my latest Vlog and draw your own conclusions.  But please, if you're moved to comment on my weak chart-based analogy, remember it's the season of goodwill.


Cooking Lager said...

I might threaten to join Team Brown, mate.

Sid Boggle said...

What's it worth to you to go over, Cookie? ;-)

The 'proper' Xmas number 1 campaign will be launched this weekend. It's Frank, naturally.

And it was nice to properly meet you and Mrs Widow the other week, Pete 8-)

Tandleman said...

Team Tanders is the way to go. Why piss about when you can have the real stayer and most consistently understated blog in the er.. blogosthingy?

Been there done that, got no credit. Oh well, it isn't the winning, it's the taking part.

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Well deserved congratulations offered with minimal envy levels during this season of enforced kindness. My ambitions are more low key, so I'm fated to forever imagine what it must feel like to be 'Top Pub Dog!' In all seriousness, you've a very special thing going on with this site, long may it reign!

Flagon of Ale said...

this is fairly boring. Seems like no one should be paying attention to this wikio shit.

Fortunately, the internet statistics analysis blogs I'm reading right now are all writing about beer and real ale.

Pete Brown said...

Flagon - Wikio ask me to put these rankings up every month. A lot of people read my blog. Some of them are interested in it. I think it's harmless fun. End of.

Sorry if there's not quite enough about beer on here for you, mate. As you rightly point out, there are plenty of other blogs you could be reading.

Flagon of Ale said...

You know Pete, I do like your blog, which is why I'm here. I guess I just find that these sorts of statistics emphasize the popularity contest aspect of writing rather than the collaborative aspect. Probably could have said that in a less pissy way, though. No real offense meant.

John McNally said...

I have only just found your blog Pete, so it was good to see you at #1. I'm looking forward to reading more posts in 2011. In the meantime congratulations on your Christmas Number 1, and I DID like your 'Top of the Pops' rundown.


Ashley Elizabeth Shruga said...

:-) This is not spam. Just a cry for help from one beer centric family to another. I know this isn't necessarily post-related but I wondered if you might help me pick out a beer for a favored beer drinker in my life. I thought I'd seek help from the yahoo answers community but there is nothing like the advice of a fellow craft beer lover. If you have the time please stop by and check out my question, it's the most recent post (12/16/10). Thanks! :-) And I love the blog! - Ashley