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What's new?
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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

January Video Blog - It's Festival Time!

Went to the National Winter Ales Festival in Manchester last week, and had a rather marvellous time.

The result is a video with me and Peter Amor - he gets to talk to people and I get to drink a lot of beer.  I almost manage to hold it together to the end...


Cooking Lager said...

Did they not lynch you for slagging 'em off on your blog?

Tandleman said...

Glad my Imperial Damson Stout recommendation got a mention! It was stunning.

ChrisM said...

You're not wrong there, Tandy - it was one of the few cask beers I tried but it blew me away. Must have more!!

And yes, well done for co-organising a great do.

PB - another great video, it's just over a week since it started and it already seems such a long time ago!

Cooking Lager said...

I thought I was special Tand, when you told me to neck one of them. You said the same to everyone. I feel less special. You say the same to all the girls, you silver tongued cavalier.

Beer Brewer said...

Stouts are gaining Popularity nowadays, these kind of blogs & promotions are helping the sales of stout beer.

Gary Gillman said...

Well done, and a good primer for non-Britons in the uniquely CAMRA and English way of presenting a range of real ales for tasting and discussion.

First, there is the mighty selection. Second, some of the beers (or as I gathered) are dispensed straight from the cask, which adds a nuance to the hand-drawn way.

Third, most of the beers, save of course the bottled ones, were served almost still-looking but of course retain a modest bubble, which favours digestibility and having more than one.

Then too, one may remark the particularly English feel to the event, the quiet, leisurely atmosphere which favours good fellowship and conversation.

Obviously, not all festivals are like that (or rather it may depend on the hour), but it is something characteristic of CAMRA events in my experience. The video reminded me strongly of the very first one I attended in London 25 years ago, the Pig's Ear, which is still going strong.

The uniqueness of the CAMRA festival is quite noteworthy since I understand before these events started in the 1970's, nothing like it preceded them. I think they were, and are, a kind of combination of village fete; spacious pub; trade exhibition (was the English pub at the Brussels World Fair in the 1950's an influence?); and the German beer fest experience. In the end though it is a purely English phenomenon.


Mark Andersen said...

Nice video! I really hope someday to cross the big pond to go to this festival.

Beer said...

The Imperial Damson Stout sounded brilliant. From your description I could almost smell it from here! Nice to see you drinking Old Tom: I'm a new fan: I enjoyed a terrific bottle of CHOCOLATE TOM last night (prob the best Chocolate Porter I've ever had)
Keep up the brilliant vids!!!

Tandleman said...

Cookie - It's a percentage game. And Gary. No the beers were NOT served still.

Richard said...

I'm amazed you didn't offer a counter argument to the chap who claimed there was a binge drinking problem in our society.
Good video though, very enjoyable.

Gary Gillman said...

I'd like to see more video blogs of CAMRA festivals, especially the smaller regional ones or the ones around London.


stephanos_lemon said...

I really like the idea of vlogging beer reviews, being able to see what the beer look really enhances the review. I was supposed to be volunteering at this but then could not get any time off of work. I should be working on BSF at GBBF however, hopefully on the USA bar.

Anonymous said...

I like it very much!