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What's new?
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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wikio Rankings - February

It's all change in the Wikio rankings - not sure what's going on!

1Pencil & Spoon
2Pete Brown's Blog
3Beer Reviews
4Master Brewer at Adnams
5Bibendum Wine
7Drinking Outside The Box
8Reluctant Scooper
9Sour Grapes
10The Wine Conversation
12Tandleman's Beer Blog
13Are You Tasting the Pith?
14Called to the bar
15Raising the Bar
16Rabid About Beer
17Thornbridge Brewers' Blog
18The Good Stuff
19The Pub Curmudgeon
20Real Brewing at the Sharp End
Ranking made by Wikio

Congrats to Young Dredge for making the top spot.

Interesting to see some wine guys making a much stronger showing than they have over the last year or so - this can only be encouraging in terms of diversity etc.

I'm also really pleased to see brewers' own blogs making an increasingly strong showing, with Adnams, Sharps and Thornbridge in there - not sure what's happened to Brew Dog!

Off the back of hosting The Session, Reluctant Scooper shows a strong rise.  If you've never read him before, please take the chance to do so now.


Rabidbarfly said...

bit late to the party old chap ;-)

Rob Nicholson said...

Still no blogging from some of the top people in CAMRA though :-(

James, BrewDog said...

Where has our blog gone? :(

Pete Brown said...

James, I've no idea! I will check - some people have long argued that as a brewer, your blog shouldn't be counted - but then we now have three other brewery blogs in there...

Tandleman said...

Rob. I am one of the top people in CAMRA! Well I think so anyway. (-;

Tandleman said...

Pete. They shouldn't be counted either. They are in effect advertorials.

stephanos_lemon said...

Its still there but at the back end of the list

from 90th overall to dfo the rankings work? Has something changed on the back-end of the brewdog site that's hoodwinked wikio?


Here in the US, Wikio has repeatedly ignored my requests to move my blog from the wine to beer ranks. More amusing (or more perplexing) is that I am ranked 26th among wine bloggers, even though I rarely post about wine.

beerevolution said...

Even more strangely... the Thornbridge blog is my one, not Thornbridge's!


Chris King said...

Tandleman - aren't all bloggers trying to push something, and therefore advertising a worth or expertise to their readers?

Should Pete's blog be discounted as he is trying to sell books? Or Zak's as he writes about beer he sells?

When does a blog stop being an opinion and a mere case of whoring one's wares?

Tandleman said...

Chris - when it becomes specific to a brand probably. When the aim ios to sell you that brand rather than views about the beery world. Even if you said Pete and Zak are "brands" or selling themselves, they are dealing with beer over a broad spectrum.

There is of course that blurry point that I wrote about many moons ago about those who make their living from beer blogging about it, but as long as it is general enough I'm OK with it.

Written by an individual about an individual point of view I suppose.

cinabar said...

I don't blog in the beer/wine category - but my wikio ranking jumps about from 1 to 62 to 45? I don't get it! According to my Google analytics - my hits are pretty regular!