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What's new?

What's new?
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Telling Stories and Drinking Beer

It's less than six weeks now until the launch of my new book, Shakespeare's Local.

I had some very exciting news about the book yesterday, which I can't reveal until contracts have been signed in a few days' time.  It's also been confirmed that the book will have a US edition some time next year.

But books don't sell themselves these days, so I'm gearing up for various events up and down the country where I'll be reading, talking about the book, and doing beer tastings.

Here's the schedule so far:

Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th September - Taste Cumbria, Cockermouth
At 3pm this afternoon I'll be tasting a world of Cumbrian beers as part of this excellent food and drink festival, and maybe doing the odd reading.  I'll be repeating the tasting again at 1pm tomorrow.

Monday 1st October - Beer tasting mash up at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival
They asked me to do an event.  I said yeah, I could do a tasting of local beers, or beers that match with my books, or a beer and cheese pairing maybe?  Or what about beer and music matching?  It's the right city for it.  And they said, they all sound great - can you do the whole lot?  So I'll be attempting to weave together four completely different events at 7pm on Monday in the festival hub.

Tuesday 9th October - Ilkley Literary Festival
I had a blast here with Hops & Glory a few years ago.  Can't wait to go back and unveil the new show I've put together around Shakespeare's Local - it'll be a multimedia extravaganza I tell you!  And it's already sold out! No pressure then...

Thursday 8th November - Official Book Launch!
Finally hits the shops. I may have a celebratory beer at the George.

Monday 12th November - Corbridge
Details to follow

Tuesday 13th November - Urmston
Details to follow

Wednesday 14th November - Caught by the River at Rough Trade East
I love Caught by the River.  I love Rough Trade East.  Thrilled to be doing an event with them.

Wednesday 21st November - Richmond Literary Festival
An event in a beer shop.  And not just any beer shop -'s HQ is beer paradise.

There will be many more events to follow, including a few at the George itself in the run-up to Christmas.


Cooking Lager said...

for the cost of admission do you get a free autographed photo?

RealAle UpNorth said...

Would have liked to have gone to the Manchester event. It would have been nice to have had a few words.
I have just started blogging about real ale. I am no expert,far from it.Just passionate about promoting the stuff!
I missed you at my local 'Bridge Bier Huis'.Hopefully,our paths will cross some time.
Briggsy :-)

Anonymous said...

See you tonight, Pete.

You'll recognise me at once because I look like a very fat, bald, old version of your A Level English teacher!

Mike O